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Rough Idle before warm up and now water pump leak


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Rough Idle before warm up and now water pump leak

Post by marco10 » Fri Feb 24, 2017 1:48 pm

Recently I have noticed that if I don't warm the van up before driving off, the van would idle rough and make a rattling sound when stopped at a traffic light. However if I warm up the van for about 5 or more mins, it is OK. Just yesterday I noticed a small puddle of coolant. I am pretty sure it is coming from the water pump because the leak is identical to the last time when I had the pump replaced. This van has had 2 water pumps replaced in 4 years. Is this acceptable or does it seem like something else is causing the pump failures? Could a bad rad cap cause too much pressure and cause gasket failures? I noticed some bubbling sounds a few months ago but it stopped and thought nothing of it. Could trapped air inside the rad and or cooling components cause water pump and or gasket failures? I checked the oil today since I just had it changed and noticed it was slightly passed the max line. Could too much oil cause a problem? There is no white smoke coming from exhaust.
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