filter for power steering system
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Author:  rpjn59 [ Tue Aug 14, 2018 9:48 pm ]
Post subject:  filter for power steering system

I am replacing all of the power steering pump lines and pump, 04 astro. When scouting and buying, all the manufacturers recommend installing a filter, all they say is it is to be install on the return side. OK, but as we know the astro van seems to be a bit unusual, in that we have the hydra boost system. There seems to be only two logical places where it maybe install, at either the 3/8 hose coming out of the pump to the steering gear (just before the cooling coil) or the 3/8 hose going from the hydra boost to the upper reservoir.

Originally I was considering the latter due to easy accessibility ( no crawling under the vehicle latter on) and the filter would be at the end of the system, but things are actually a little cramped up there and if the filter is installed in the direction of flow, then inlet would end up on the bottom side and particulate matter could possibly drop back down into the hydra boost???

If it is installed it right after the pump there is plenty of line to work with prior to going into the cooling loop. At this point it is now~mid system, but could possibly installed more horizontal???

What do you guys think or what have you done? I haven't seen any other threads regarding the filter.

Thanks in advance, Ray.

Author:  Astrophysics [ Wed Aug 15, 2018 4:04 am ]
Post subject:  Re: filter for power steering system


I just replaced both the power steering pump and the hydro boost in June, of this year.

The key thing is to flush the system after changing pump and high pressure lines just like it says in the shop manual and in the instructions included with the new pump. THE FLUSH IS DONE WITH THE FUEL PUMP RELAY REMOVED SO THAT THE ENGINE DOES NOT START. IT TAKES 4 QUARTS OR MORE OF FLUID TO DO FLUSH. IT TAKES 2 PEOPLE TO DO THE FLUSH . In the catch pan of the flushing fluid the fluid will be milky white if there is water or moisture I. Lines. READ THE SHOP MANUAL FOR FLUSH AND REPEAT. Then you can bleed the air from system using the Mity vac and the adapter that fits on power steering reservoir. Or bleed air by turning steering wheel lock to lock.

I even searched the high performance PSC pump web site after talking with staff at 4 Wheel Parts in Littleton Colorado. THE PSC pumps are for jeeps with over size tires.


There is no need for a power steering filter!
It is a closed system.

The Astro is good in the sense that the PS fluid reservoir is up high on fire wall rather than on the power steering pump. Unless you constantly drive loose dirt dusty roads, there is no need to worry about dust getting into ps fluid system.

On my 03 Astro I did replace the OEM ps cooler lines behind the front bumper with a true cooler with fins located horizontally low on the drivers side of radiator .

It is important to keep aux cooler lower than reservoir to avoid air bubble getting in system.

Author:  rpjn59 [ Wed Aug 15, 2018 10:30 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: filter for power steering system

I am Installing the filter because the manufacturers of the pump require it inorder for the warranty to be in effect. I here what your saying about the closed system. I am replacing all the lines because the fluid is pretty dirty. If I place a drop of fluid on a napkin it does look that bad, but if I remove several ounces via a clear turkey baster its pretty filthy. So, if it a closed system then dirt or contaminants must be coming from inside the system. This seems to make the interiors of the rubber tubing suspect, so I decided to change them all being that I have to flush and drain the system to replace the pump and really can't tell which may be the suspect hose.

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