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Delco stereo "LOC"-"InOp"

Posted: Wed Sep 13, 2006 8:10 pm
by Someone
How do I get my radio to work again?

Originally Posted by ScottnHalifax

Try this,
Press & hold the 2 & 3 buttons @ the same time for about 10 seconds; a 2 or 3 digit code will appear, write this # down,press & hold the am/fm button for about 10 seconds: another code will appear, write this # down, then call 1-800-537-5140 and enter 202108 followed by the # key, then enter the #'s that you wrote down from your radio followed by the * key. The call will give you a 3 or 4 digit override code. Write this code # down so you have it if you ever need it again. Enter this # into your radio following the instructions in your owners manual. If you get an override code that starts with 0, you drop the 0 when entering the code into your radio.
If you don't have an owners manual, try this, press & hold the hour button until the first 2 digits of your code come up, then press & hold the minute button until the last 2 digits show. Then press the am/fm button. This should reset your stereo


now it says to run my van for a hour to unlock the radio? is this true

Origanally Posted By V8FAMVAN

You only have to run your van (or power up the radio) for an hour if your radio says 'INOP' after trying the 2 & 3 buttons.
INOP occurs after too many failed attempts of trying to unlock it with the incorrect code.

Your factory radio unlock code is ----. To enter it turn on your key, (Radio says loc) press the hour button (it should come up with 000) press the hour button until you get the first 2 digits, then press the min button until you get the second 2 digits. Press AM/FM. Radio should now say SEC. Turn the radio on.

If when you first push the hour button & you don't get 000 but instead get INOP, you must leave your radio on for 1 hour to reset it. This is because it has gone in to the next level of lock up.
To clear the old customer code in you radio after you have unlocked it, press 1 & 4 until the display reads SEC. Re-enter the factory unlock code & press AM/FM. This clear the customer installed lock code & the radio is no longer secure (won't lock up). After this you can then re-enter a new code as outlined in the owners manual.