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a/c delete ?

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a/c delete ?

Post by mtrhead79 »

hi i just went to look at a 99 astro cargo van and it does not have a/c. i liked the van alot but would want a/c. it does have the big plastic bulge off fire wall but nothing in it. the older gm 's that dont have ac usually have a flat panel there, and it has the bracket for compressor just nothing there. does anyone know if it would have the wiring for ac. i know most fords have the same main harness and when you add options you can just plug them in. the van is kind of far from me [3hrs] and i did not notice if wiring was there for ac i can get alot of ac parts at j/y on $25. day at the u pullit. if anyone could help with info that would be great thanks john
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How many wheels are on an Astro van? (4): 6
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Re: a/c delete ?

Post by Rebel »

You,re getting in to something that may never be right. Here's an idea that I put into action after many parts and money. In short, drop a 5000 BTU window unit part way through the floor behind front bucket seats and ran it on a 3000 watt invertor. All this after pulling entire AC. System out of the van. Works fine and if anything goes wrong, just pull unit and put another $100.00 window unit in. Quick fix and cheap.
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