1987 Astro Tiger 2wd To AWD/4x4


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I am merely driving my van
I am merely driving my van
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1987 Astro Tiger 2wd To AWD/4x4

Post by hburge » Tue Oct 08, 2019 3:12 am

Hey guys.

I Understand that there is a lot of information on this forum and others. A lot of the information i have found by spending hrs looking at my screen is on second gen astros. So please forgive me if i have missed a previous post and would greatly appreciate a redirect .

I will start with a breakdown of what im looking for in my rig. I have a 1987 Astro tiger gt 2wd TBi. I live in the mountains and frequent forest service roads in the summer for fishing and camping. I also drive frequently in the snow during the winter season. I dont need a rock crawler but a capable of road machine that doesnt get stuck in sand as i just did at lake powell. I have two weeks left of work and i am going to straight at this project for the next month. I am not a mechanic but i am mechanically inclined and have more experienced people helping.

Finally got my donor astro for my 1987 Astro Tiger 2wd to AWD/4x4 conversion. It is a 1993 Astro with 150k automatic (not sure if its electic or not) with 3.42 gears in it and the CPI engine.

Ive decided im going to take engine (CPI) diff t-case transmission from the donor to put into the 87 tiger.
I would like to get a select trac t case to put in while i have the whole subframe out. I live at Lake Tahoe where i am driving in the snow a good portion of our winter. If you feel the select trac is not necessary let me know.
Im also looking at lifting it and increasing tiresize and regearing of the front and rear diff.

First question. Np242c or np 236 or something else. i understand one is manual and one electric. Is electric doable in these first gen astros?

Second. After doing a bit more research i feel that with the weight i am constantly carrying with the Astro Tiger regearing is necessary especially once it is lifted and larger tires installed. Do you feel 3.73 is enough or should i go for the 4.10s. (thinking 4in lift and 31 by 10.5s) Also this is a vehicle i will be using for extended trips, how much top speed do you lose with regearing if any.

Third. To get this regearing, Should i regear the front and rear diff from the 1993 3.42 front and rear. Or should i just look for front and rear diffs from junk yards?

Fourth. I understand this is under the wrong section of forum but Lift recommendations. I havent seen too much about ball joint spacers and spring spacers. Mostly just subframe spacers ?torsion keys and new leafs.

I will stop at that. I know i have 50 more questions but lets not overload this post more than it already is.
All help is appreciated and i hope i can contribute to this awesome community because Astro Safaris simply just KICK ASS.

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