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4" Lift

Posted: Sun Jul 03, 2011 1:15 am
by photo_van
I've gotten so much off this forum, thought I'd try and give a little back. I don't have a lot to offer, but here's my .02 on the lift. I've been running a 4" lift for ~70,000 miles now and it's been great!

In the front; 2" body blocks, Torsion bars cranked. Rear; 3" axle blocks and new hole in front spring hanger for another 1".

Instead of cutting the fan shroud (which looked like APITA), I simply cut 2" lengths of 1/2 in pipe, and 2" longer screws, and spaced the lower shroud from the upper shroud (maybe OLV should include this with their kit!) way simple.

Also, never got around to making bumper brackets, just moved the bottom bracket hole up to the top frame hole. The bumper is only now held on by two bolts, but again, over the past 6 years on a lot of rugged roads, no issues.

Also, contrary to current thought, I never had it re-aligned. It tracks straight and has never shown any unusual tire wear over the 70,000 miles.

Haven't replaced any frontend parts though the idlers might be getting a little sloppy.

Also it should be noted that on my van, 4" lift is not enough to run 31 in (or 30") tires, without significant plastic cutting and metal bashing. I know when I was doing my lift, it would have been nice to see photos of peoples wheel well treatments. Is there any such thread?

Re: 4" Lift

Posted: Sun Jul 03, 2011 4:17 am
by Great A'Tuin
That is an AWESOME signature pic!
BTW, I did the same think to space my shroud (befre the electric fan conversion) and used a bit of foam pipe isulation shoved in the gap to seal the shroud.

Re: 4" Lift

Posted: Sun Jul 03, 2011 4:21 am
by timelessbeing
Best sig ever. :yikes:

Re: 4" Lift

Posted: Sun Jul 03, 2011 3:54 pm
by mdmead
timelessbeing wrote:Best sig ever. :yikes:
Pretty impressive!

Great info too.

Re: 4" Lift

Posted: Sun Jul 03, 2011 4:28 pm
by photo_van
Thanks guys. One of our favorite campsites in Death Valley