HELP??? Crunching Noises front right wheel AWD


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Re: HELP??? Crunching Noises front right wheel AWD

Post by Herbie » Tue Apr 02, 2019 2:09 am

Wiley wrote:
Herbie wrote:
Astrophysics wrote: Now I trust the Astro to go off roading to try out the 30" Cooper tires.

My 3,42 axle ratio really needs to be re geared to 3.73 or even 4.10.
For a 30" tire, I'd definitely go 4.10. That's right about the height I've got (~29.5") and it's just about perfect. My highway cruising is still at a decently low RPM (at least at the speed I can realistically cruise with the Astrobrick + roofrack, etc.), but hill climbing, etc. is much improved. I really spent WAY too long with the stock gears.
I may be confusing you with someone elses post, but awhile ago someone I read that someone did this and was not happy with 1 part of the upgrade, maybe it was with the carrier...does this ring a bell? I really should just go to 4.10 if I am keeping my van.
That was probably me. When I did the re-gear, I also added a "lunchbox" auto-locker (Powertrax Lock-Rite), and that I was not happy with. I have since removed it and put the original spider gears back in (but kept the re-gear to 4.10 - that part works great).

To be fair to the Lock-Rite, I think my van is too heavy for it to work right. My axle was previously bent (probably due to the literal ton of pavers I hauled one time), but even after straightening, the axle shop warned me that the locker might play up if the axle bent again. I suspect the housing was flexing ever so slightly as the suspension moved, which would cause the locker to engage in a weird way (which in turn caused the uncomfortable clunking, etc. I was getting.)

We all know the 7-5/8" rear is undersized. Until we find a reasonably simple drop-in swap, or I pony up the bucks to build something custom, it's what we have!
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Re: HELP??? Crunching Noises front right wheel AWD

Post by Wiley » Tue Apr 02, 2019 6:02 pm

Excellent, thanks Herbie. 2004 AWD Chevy Astro from California to Colombia!
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